Podcast : Requirements evaluation & solution fit with Doug Ayers

In this episode I will be speaking with Doug Ayers (@DouglasCAyers) about his approach to interpreting requirements and evaluating the options to architect a solution.

As an experienced web application developer coming to the Salesforce platform more than 5 years ago, Doug already had extensive technical skills which he could to use to grasp Apex and Visualforce, but how did he adapt to working on a platform?  I asked Doug about his own experiences and the lessons which he now teaches to fellow developers.  We discuss the value of asking more questions to uncover the depths of requirements and how the significance of considering the way a  solution will be maintained over its lifetime is as important as how easily it can be created.

Doug’s a problem solver, as can be seen from his GitHub repository which hosts multiple utilities he has created to fill gaps in Salesforce functionality.  For example when Doug saw a question on Twitter asking how to migrate Salesforce notes & attachments data into the new Notes feature, he did some research and found that the feature wasn’t available out of the box.  So he wrote it himself!  He did the same for migrating file attachments to Chatter files, he created an automation Bot for Chatter groups, enhanced Campaign member management, the list goes on.   You can read for yourself on Doug’s blog at douglascayers.com.

You can find Doug on Twitter @DouglasCAyers.

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Recorded in June 2017

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